Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Hornburg at Helm's Deep by Daniel Z "DNL"

Lots of new Lord Of The Rings MOCs are appearing now. Ever since the official sets started coming out, people's creativity has been sparked and we have been seeing plenty of LOTR MOCs. Just like this Helm's Deep by Daniel Z.
Those rocks are insane! And the Hornburg is great too. Daniel has made one of the best Helm's Deep's I have ever seen! Check it out!

See it on Mocpages.


  1. Amazing. I really need to spend more time browsing MOC pages. Work like this is just inspiring (and mildly intimidating).

    1. Definitely. After looking at these MOCs, all I want to do is build. But at the same time, I don't. I can't even come close to them.

  2. Wow. All of these MOCs are so sweet! I need more minifigs. Or more prunes and figs. Either one.
    Will Morte

    wamouu 16--perseventeen--mrdot