Friday, July 13, 2012

LEGO Minifigures Series 8 Revealed

The Series 8 Collectible Minfigures have finally been revealed. We've been waiting a long time for this picture, but we finally have it! The color for this series is black. Rather odd considering the fact that they have some rather dark minifigures.

The names according to Brickipedia:
From left to right, front row: Enemy Robot, DJ, Vampire, Skier.
Second row, left to right: Pirate Captain, Fairy, Trader, Ancient Thespis.
Third row: Boy in Bavarian Costume, Red Cheerleader, Diver, Football Player.
Fourth row: Evil Female Alien, Cowgirl, Santa Claus, Conquistador.

Some really cool figures. A lot of recycled parts, but most in new colors. My favorites are the Diver, Conquistador, Vampire, Trader, Boy in Bavarian Costume and Ancient Thespis. My least favorite has got to be the Enemy Robot (a cross between the Space Villian and Robot).
Overall a cool series. Definitely one you don't want to miss out on. Leave your thoughts in the comments. Which one is your favorite?
Click below to view some more pictures.

 The group in their glory. The Diver even has weights on his feet!
The packaging. The black does look really good on these. That Diver is awesome! Have I made my point?!

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