Friday, July 20, 2012

(Leda Kat =^..^= ) A House For Teddy.

The very talented Leda Kat from MOCpages just recently built a MOc depicting a doll house with a doll house inside of it. So it is sort of like a house within a house. Very creative and I thought worthy of being recognized here on Brickend. 


 When I post here on Brickend I like to give tips to new builders and also point out new techniques. This post I would like to focus (pun intended) a little bit on camera work. I can't stress how important it is to take in focus and well lit pictures. Leda Kat has mentioned that she likes to take lots and lots of pictures of her builds. There are usually so many details in Leda Kat's builds that she needs to take loads of pictures to capture everything. For new builders it is almost as important to take in focus pictures as it is to make a detailed and talented build. You could easily take a bad picture of a really good build post it somewhere and get very little to no attention from it.
Another thing that I would like to highlight is the SNOT in this  build (Studs Not On Top). By building tiles unto the side of the house Leda Kat was able to make a stone texture on the side of the building. She also made some very nice drawers with SNOT built sides. By making them like this she could accomplish texture, colors, and doorknobs that would not have been achievable without the SNOT. This creates a nice and detailed look to the build. Simple techniques added together can create a nice and seamless theme to a build. And I would encourage all younger builders to figure out how the pros build and copy it as best you can with your pieces and maybe someday you will be able to create builds like the pros.

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