Tuesday, July 24, 2012

LEGO Architecture 21014 Villa Savoye

The next installment in the ever growing Architecture theme has just been released. This time, we are visiting Poissy, France and the iconic (I guess, though I've never heard of it) Villa Savoye.
Contains 660 pieces and will retail for more than most will want to pay for it. I actually have no idea about the price.
This looks like another lame building honestly. The design is very similar to the house we got about a year ago.
The only reason I would get this is for the clear pieces. This really doesn't have that much to offer. I doubt many people will pick this one up. But that's just my opinion. Leave a comment and tell me what you think.
Thanks to Toysnbricks for the information.


  1. Aiden, you are either completely not interested in architecture or you're just completely unaware. Villa Savoye is one of the finest examples of conteporary architecture from the thirties. It is an incredible building! Lego has picked it because it is a famous and prime example of modern architecture. If you were referring to Robie House in this article, that is also a stupid comment. Robie House is one of Frank Lloyd Wright's finest examples of his own invented Prarie Style. This Prarie Style them went on to influence architecture all over the world. I can't possibly comprehend why you would view this masterpiece in such a degrading way.

    1. You are correct. I am not really interested in this theme at all. And I was totally unaware of this building. :P
      Of course, you seem like an architecture professional and I respect your input.
      As for the likeness, I was referring to the Farnsworth House. The white and glass just seemed a little too similar.

      I do believe that the building is a fantastic piece of architecture. My criticisms were aimed at the LEGO representation. I am looking at this model through LEGO-eyes. And I judge it on its looks as a LEGO product. The real building IS quite extraordinary though.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Sorry, I was harsh in my last post. I understand the frustration with Lego for doing 2 buildings so similar. Farnsworth is the same style as Villa Savoye. This style is my personal favorite. Lego Architecture is all that I buy now. I made the mistake of selling my Legos when I was a teen. I missed them and Lego Architecture had that Lego appeal along with an dignified air about them. It was perfect for me.