Thursday, July 12, 2012

New The Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering And Star Wars Rancor Pit

Newest commotion from Comic Con: The Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering set has been revealed. This set includes Bilbo, Gandalf, Bofur, Bombur, Balin and Dwalin. No news on price or piece count yet. Those will become available in the near future I'm sure.
LEGO tries its hands at a Hobbit hole, a build few can get right, and it's even harder to create the entire hole. I must say, as far as looks go, they failed miserably. Not only is it a house built out of grass (Hobbit holes are dug into the hillside, but they couldn't of done that anyway) Anyone who lived in a house that small would never be able to fit thirteen dwarves and a wizard inside. But, I guess for LEGO this is alright. I truly hope this is a cheap $30 set. Any more and I'll throw a fit, but buy it anyway.
EDIT: I have found out that this set will retail for $59.99. What!? Are you kidding me!? That is ridiculous! I will definitely wait for a sale to get this set. Thanks a lot LEGO. Do you think money grows on trees?
EDIT: FBTB has taken many wonderful pictures of this set. View them in their Flickr stream here.
Thanks to for this picture.

Also, LEGO has revealed the new Star Wars Rancor Pit set. Looks like it comes with the Rancor, Luke  the gullible Jedi, the Rancor trainer (don't know his name and I'm to lazy to look it up) and a Gamorrean guard. A small, basic set that will probably cost $40. Yep, LEGO will continue to raise their prices until we're paying $20 for a battle pack.
I do like the looks of this set. I'm sure if you're clever enough you can build Jabba's palace over this, thus creating the dungeon effect. The rancor is really cool, he looks like he has brick-built hands, not just the lame one-piece hands we see on so many creatures these days. This set will go nicely with the Desert Skiff set that just came out, and, if you're one of the people that bought Jabba's Palace, that too.
Thanks to Brickset for the image.

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