About BrickEnd:
BrickEnd is a LEGO news blog that brings its viewers the very best LEGO content on the internet. If you like MOCs, new LEGO sets and news, or just all around everything LEGO, BrickEnd will provide you with it.

What you can expect from BrickEnd:

News: BrickEnd is devoted to bringing its viewers the newest sales, deals, new set information and much more that can only be found here.

MOCs: BrickEnd brings its viewers the newest and best MOCs (My own creations). We frequently visit MOCpages and Flickr looking for great MOCs to show you.

About the author(s) - the BrickEnd team:
Aidan: The founder, owner and author of BrickEnd. Aidan's current favorite LEGO theme is The Lord of the Rings.
Aidan's MocpageAidan's Flickr.
Mark: Contributor to BrickEnd. Mark's current favorite LEGO theme is The Lord Of The Rings.

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