Friday, July 13, 2012

LEGO Super Heroes Minifigs For 2013

 Comic Con is in full swing. And FBTB has been kind enough to take pictures of nearly everything we want to see. The newest photos now are the Marvel and DC Super Heroes figs. These vary from Venom to Scarecrow, Batman to Beetle, and all are amazing.
There are over twenty figs, so I'll only post pictures of two for now. These are two that we have been anxiously waiting for. The first, as you can see, is Venom. A beautiful figure that lots of people will want to get their hands on. The second, as seen below, is Nick Fury.
Nick Fury has been a long awaited character. And with the release of The Avengers, his fans have grown.
He looks good. I wish he had a coat, but, I guess we'll have to do with he way he is.

Click here to view the entire Super Heroes minifigure line. And see such figs as Bane, Spider-man, Nova, Penguin, and many more.
Keep checking back as we will be updating every time something good surfaces. 

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