Sunday, July 1, 2012

Poll Ended/New Poll

And with that, June ends. This month's poll for the Favorite 2012 LEGO The Lord Of The Rings Set received more votes than any of the other polls. I was surprised at the amount of votes several of the sets got, while others barely got any. The winner for the June 2012 Poll is...
...9471 The Battle of Helm's Deep!

No surprise here. Honestly, I would've been very surprised if this set hadn't won. This set was obviously the best, I didn't even vote, but I would have voted for this set anyway. Surprisingly though, two sets tied for second place: Gandalf Arrives and The Mines of Moria. And two sets tied for third: Shelob Attacks and Uruk-hai Army. Fourth place had another tie: The Orc Forge and Attack on Weathertop. Three ties. Wow!

It's time for the poll of July! This month's poll will be something more special. I am asking you to email me at and tell me your Favorite LEGO Theme Ever. But not just that. I want you also to tell me your Least Favorite LEGO Theme Ever. So contact me and tell me both of those, and at the end of July, I will tally all the votes together and pronounce the winner.

Important: You may only vote once. If you possess more than one email, you may vote more than once. But please try to keep this as fair as we can.

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