Thursday, November 1, 2012

Favorite Year of LEGO Poll Closed

October has finally ended! Since last month I didn't put up the new poll until the 5th, I thought you deserved to have this month's poll on the 1st. Not to mention it is the day I'm supposed to put up a new poll. :)

Sorry for those of you that wanted to be able vote for a year earlier than 2000. The list can only be so long you know.
For those of you that voted anyway. Thank you. Your votes are in. Are you ready for the results?
Drumroll please! 
The winner for the October poll, Favorite Year of LEGO (Starting in 2000), is... 2013!

With 61% of the total vote, I'm still wondering if you voted for it because you liked what you have seen, or just because it's the unknown. Which one?

After the exciting news of Disney buying Lucasfilm. I just have to do a Star Wars poll. So without further ado, the poll for November 2012 is Favorite Star Wars Film in LEGO.
In other words, which Star Wars film has your favorite LEGO sets? 

Don't forget to send me your poll ideas! Just send me a quick email by clicking on the Contact page.

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