Thursday, November 29, 2012

LEGO CUUSOO: Space Marines Support Needed

Space Marines is, without a doubt, one of the best projects that has ever been on CUUSOO. Then why hasn't it got the 10,000 supporters? I have no idea.
This project has been on CUUSOO for nearly a year, and it has been in the top ten for nearly that long.
It has the most comments, with over triple the amount of comments of the second place project. It has the most views, and it currently has the most supporters.

But with the next quarterly review only a few days away, the Space Marines could be in trouble. If they don't get the needed supporters by Monday, they'll have to wait three months before they even begin the review process. Which is a long process.

They only need 80 more supporters. But last week alone they got less than two hundred. With such a close deadline, it will be a tight race.

Hurry up and give your support for the Space Marines!

Space Marines on LEGO CUUSOO.