Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Disney Buys Lucasfilm Ltd. Episode VII in 2015

Definitely the biggest and best news this October: Disney has indeed bought Lucasfilm Ltd. (For the pretty price of 4 billion). It has been announced that there will the 3 more Star Wars movies over the next 10 years. Beginning in 2015 with the release of Episode VII.
I seriously think I'm gonna lose my brains! In a good way of course. This will certainly give Star Wars a big boost. Not to mention another possible Indiana Jones film. And those worried about this ruining Star Wars, George's scripts couldn't be ruined by a dinosaur.

One has to wonder if LEGO has known about this decision for awhile. Having renewed the Star Wars license for another 10 years, what plans do they have? We can look forward to 2015. Disney is becoming a movie dynasty!

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  1. "George's scripts couldn't be ruined by a dinosaur" BEST QUOTE EVER!!!! XD