Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2013 Star Wars Battle of Hoth

The guys over at Brickset have posted pictures for a previously unannounced 2013 Star Wars set. Not really anything new, but a great Hoth army builder. You hear me, Brickplumber?

75014 Battle of Hoth. Pieces: Unknown. Price: Let's hope no more than $40.

It looks like a mix of the Snowtrooper and Rebel Trooper Battle Packs from a couple years ago. With a tauntaun from the 2009 Echo Base set and a snowspeeder from the Wampa Cave.

I do like the new Rebel Trooper garb on that scout. I'm not sure if the grey helmet is a new piece or just a skateboarding helmet. Or is it hair? It certainly looks like a new piece anyway.
Why in the world are there two Luke Skywalker minifigs in here? Maybe the bottom picture is just a mistake. Cause on the box there's only one. We'll know for certain come 2013.

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