Friday, October 5, 2012

Favorite Licensed Theme Poll Closed

Today is what? October 5th? Yes. Sorry for the delay in posting this. Hopefully you'll find it worthwhile.
I'm pleased to announce that this poll generated the most votes than any of the previous polls. But time for the results of the September Poll. And the landslide winner is...
The Lord of the Rings!
With a 51% of the total vote, this theme decimated all opposition. Star Wars came in a not very close second with 18%.

And now... October is here! October 5th, that is. And I've managed to think up a new poll. Are you ready?
The BrickEnd October poll is...
Favorite Year of LEGO. Yep. From 2000 on, you can vote for your favorite Year of LEGO! Sorry, no earlier. The list might get a little long.
So head on over to the sidebar, and vote!
And don't forget to send me your poll ideas at the Contact Us page!

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