Friday, October 19, 2012

Legends of Chima Set Pictures + Chima Speedorz

 Pictures of the sets from the first wave of Legends of Chima have finally surfaced. First thing to note: All the vehicles are fashioned after animals. Second: The box art is only the same on two of the boxes.

Looks like a cross between Ninjago, and the 2006 theme Exo-Force. Two very popular themes. Does this mean Legends of Chima will be twice as popular? LEGO certainly hopes so.
It looks like they've put a lot of thought into this release.
9 regular building sets and 7 Speedorz sets. Speedorz seems similar to the Ninjago spinner sets.

More pictures after the break.

Top three sets: 70006, 70013, 70003.

 70001, 70005, 70002.

 70000, 70115, 70004.

Speedorz: 70100, 70101, 70102, 70103, 70104, 70105, 70106.

What do you think of the first sets from Legends of Chima?

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