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Review: 6869 Quinjet Aerial Battle

 Here you go: The review you've been waiting over two weeks for! Sorry it has taken me so long to get this up. But here it is! Finally.
Before I get any further, I want to give you guys a few heads ups! First, please forgive the photo quality. Photographing a set this big can be a bit of a pain. Second, some of the pieces may look dusty. I want to tell you that it is not dust. It is the middle of pollen season here, and pollen goes everywhere inside and out. And the final heads up is a big one of these babies:

Whether you've decided to listen to your conscience or not, if you're reading this, you've clicked the little button. So welcome to spoilerville! Honestly, there aren't that many spoilers. But if you're an "I don't want to know anything about a movie until I see it!" kind of person, you'd better stop reading now.
But on with the review.
LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes: 6869 Quinjet Aerial Battle
735 pieces
5 minifigures
Ages 8-14

The box is nice. Big and red. The moment you hold it in your hand you want to build the set. I am planning on rebuilding it later. It was a very fun build!
There were five numbered bags included in this set, plus multiple small ones. And the bags filled the box to the brim. One of the most full boxes I've ever seen. The seventy bucks are worth every cent.

Back of the box. Yay, a glare! Check out the Faazooom and Shlkk. I'm pretty sure neither of those are words. like I should criticize. Me, the guy who makes up a new word each post.

The three instruction manuals were packaged with the comic inside a plastic sleeve with a piece of cardboard. Just like the POTC sets. The first manual builds Loki's chariot and the Quinjet cockpit.

The front of the comic shows all the... well you can see it. Leave a comment with the word SPIDEY in it if you can't wait for the Spiderman set. Interesting to note was that this comic included the Captain America's Avenging Cycle comic in it. No idea why!


Open up the comic and Whola! Epic figs! Nuff said.

The beginning of the comic. "Breaking news! Loki has attacked NY, but the Avengers are on the job!"

"Iron Man just got blasted into space! What will happen!?! Look, he's coming up in flames! Thor is mad, folkes!"

"And the Avengers defeat Loki and save the world! Long live the Avengers! Wait, breaking news again. Max from The LEGO Club has lost his logo. Good thing the Avengers are there to help. Where's Hawkeye and Widow?"

This set included a new brick separator. You can never have too many! Seriously, this thing is great! I'll be doing a review on it soon.

All the extra parts. Thanks for the staff LEGO! I really don't understand why there are five technic pins left over. The set only included seven. Maybe I missed something. But I've checked, and everything seems okay. Odd.
Guess what! FIG TIME!
Loki and his totally lame Chitauri warrior. Nice printing on Loki. His outfit looks exactly like it does in the movie. The crown is completely identical. As for the face, they could've done better. Just to clear something up: This is not the Lex Luthor face! Lex's face has a dimple in the forhead. No dimple on Loki.
I don't really like the staff. The movie version is a lot better. Sorry LEGO, you messed up.
Sorry but I'm not gonna review the soldier. You can see his review in the Captain America set by clicking here. I will say one thing though: This guy looks nothing like the bad guys in the movie! The guys in the movie were a completely different color scheme.
No back printing on Loki. Too bad. The Chitauri does though.

Time for everybody's favorite genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist. Iron Man is one word: EPIC! His Mark VII suit is lovely. Incredible printing on this guy. He is the first swooshable character I've seen. Of course, he swooshes a lot better with his translucent bricks.
To clarify another thing: HIS HELMET IS NOT TOO BIG!!! It is the same size as any storm trooper, clone trooper, Hazmat guy, Atliantis diver, gladiator, and Jack Sparrow wig! Speaking of Jack sparrow, this is not the same face either!

The front of the mask flips up so you can see his face. Yep, double sided head. Check out that back printing! Ok, next!

Thor, the god of thunder. "There's only one God ma'am, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that." - Captain America.
This guy is intensely amazing! LEGO hit spot on with him. How close can Chris Hemsworth come to plastic!? Really, I think this is my favorite of the Avenger figs so far. He is totally cool. Now all we need is a Natalie Portman fig. :P

His second face is much more awesome than the first one. I love it! And his back printing is incredible too. 
This guy was super hard to photograph as his cheese-blonde hair reflects anything that sheds light. 

"This is Agent Romanov, I'm on it." - Black Widow. She said something like that.
This girl is one big mistake. Seriously, LEGO couldn't make a better face? They've already seen her in a movie, why did they mess up? The hair is horrible! But, replace the face with the Elizabeth Swan face, and you're pretty good.
Excellent printing on her too.
"Arggh! I look like I ate a lemon!" - Not Black Widow

Quinjet time!
This ship is beautiful. Only problem is, they don't have the turbine engines like in the movie. But a shield logo is great anyway!
This ship is begging to be swooshed! Pick it up and you lose all your sensible brain cells. NRAOW!
You can see most of everything, so I won't go into too much detail. Besides, by this time you are probably screaming at me to finish. I'm screaming at myself.

Front and side.

The back has a ramp to get off.

Nice ramp! There is a hatch on the top that opens up.

Wings bend anyway you want.

The bottom uses a lot of blue rounded round plates. Not very pretty, but it gets the job done.
I completely forgot to show you the missiles. Oh well! All they do is flick anyway.
The cockpit holds one minifig. There is a control panel, blue seat, and a headrest. Probably the most detailed cockpit ever!
Take out the Widow and there you go.

Seating for passengers. You can fit two figs in here, with capes. the control panel is a great sticker. The dumb thing is, the fire extinguisher can't be removed without taking the bench out first. DOH!

See the red button? Nope, not that one. That one. Yes, to the right. Nope, left a little more, Right there! Press it!
Ching! Out falls a drone. This has got to be the most addicting play feature ever. The noise it makes when it pops out is awesome!
This drone wasn't in the movie at all. What are you thinking LEGO?

The drone is pretty sweet. And extra ten parts. But hey, I'm not complaining!

Loki's chariot. Let's make something else clear: This is not Loki's chariot! It is a Chitauri war speeder! Loki rides it only for the fun of it! Glad I got that cleared up. Actually, in the movie, a Chitauri warrior rides the back, but Loki does for a few minutes. Until Hawkeye's arrow eats him!
This is a great speeder, but there are times when I forget it comes with the set. The Quinjet steals all the glory!

And that's it! Wow! It's over. Now I can relax.

The final verdict: This set is a complete must have. If you are debating getting this set, debate no longer, you will not be disappointed. The whole set is great. The figs rock! and the pieces you get are very useful. But is it worth the $70? Oh yes!

Thanks for checking out this review, I'll be doing more in the future. Wait a minute,  I want to know what you guys think. Should I keep on doing pictorial reviews, or should I do video reviews? Leave a comment below and tell me.

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  1. Nice Review. :) Thanks for clearing the Iron man 'helmet' up.