Friday, May 4, 2012

LEGO CUUSOO: Legend of Zelda Gets 10,000 Supporters

And yet another CUUSOO project reaches 10,000 supporters. I'm starting to lose track... but back to the topic: Legend of Zelda was added in December of 2011 by Mingles. After a steady flow of supporters, this project shot off towards 10,000, and eventually made the review. 
I'm beginning to see a pattern here: licensed projects get to 10,000 before non-licensed projects, some that were added much earlier. Oh well. That's the way the votes go. (Not that I mind)

Legend of Zelda on LEGO CUUSOO.


  1. You better watch what you say about Link ya know.... ;)

  2. watch for what you say because Link rules

    1. Can I ask what I said against Link? I love Link.