Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review: 6865 Captain America's Avenging Cycle

And now for my first ever pictorial review of a LEGO set. I'm not sure how this is gonna go, but let's get on with it.

For this review, I have chosen the new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Captain America's Avenging Cycle. 
This set is a must have. Not only for the great figures, but because... Just because! The set is surprisingly large for the amount of pieces. The glider, turret and cycle make a pretty good sized heap when grouped together. One of the biggest heaps I have seen for sets this price.
But I won't get ahead of myself.

First off: the box. The box has a new design for the Marvel sets. A very nice dark red color with some blue to compliment the whole cabshoodle (And the set name and piece count). While we're about it...

Captain America's Avenging Cycle:
Set Number 6865
72 Pieces
Ages 5-12
Now the back of the box:

The back highlights the features of the set: Some flick-fire-missiles, and plus, you can bang Cap and the enemy General around together. Fun, fun! 
There is a Vreeee sound for the screeching of the Avenging Cycle's wheels. Just like the real thing!

The top right corner of the box has an artistic picture of Iron-man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor gearing up to smash the whole of New York City. Or, save it.

The instruction manual has the same design as the box. The pages are the usual light gray color with Cap, Loki and Thor gracing the top right corner every few pages.

The parts list. pretty good one too.

The back of the manual has a comic for all to see. I'm wondering why Cap goes to put on his armor when he's already wearing it.

Second part of the comic.

The entire set in its completion. As I said, a fairly large size. 
I'll get to the individual parts later. Now, on to the minifigs.

First, Captain America. This guy has excellent printing on him. The suit is a lighter blue than in the movie. It looks really good! 
I do wish he had a helmet though. now we can't have a plain Steve Rogers.
The shield is a new piece. Close to the old design, but now with a rounded top. The printing is excellent. definitely one of my favorite pieces of the set.

Front printing. Looks great!

Back printing.

When Captain America throws his mighty shield...

And if you really want a Steve Rogers, you can always make your own. I threw this one together before the review.

And now for the "Bad guys." Excellent printing on these guys. Gold heads, purple hands, awesome bodies.
The only names we have for these guys is General, and Soldier. The one on the left is the General, and the one on the right is the Soldier.
We don't know much about either of them. They are Loki's army in The Avengers. That's about all. we'll  know more about them in the movie in May.

Great back printing. Especially on the heads.

The General wields his totally weird, too large blaster. Again, this is something we'll have to wait for the movie to compare.

The two weapons for this set.

The extra parts: Two cheese slopes.

And now, the Avenging Cycle. This cycle has a great color scheme and the stickers look excellent.
I do wish the cycle was smaller. It may be size accurate, but I still wish...
Head lights, and a clip for the shield to sit on the back. Nice!

He's coming for you! 

As I said with the shield.

Now the turret. Very plain, small and boring. With a flick missile.
kind of reminds me of the turrets from the Star Wars battle packs.

The General on his glider. Nice blade pieces on the wings.
The glider is a good size. But a little bland. 
Some nice purple parts, and the stickers look great.

The back of the glider.

Run for your life!

And that's it! All in all this set is a must have. The minifigures are worth it. But I'm sure there are other reasons to get this set somewhere.

But let's get on with the rating:
Figs: 8-10. Could be better. But they get the job done in a great way.
Build: 6-10. Very easy. most people should have no problem with this set. And it was kind of fun too.
Structures/vehicles: 7-10. I could see the alien ship being swooshable on some scale. and the cycle is fun to roll around.
Over all: 21-30.

I hope you enjoyed the review. I'm sure I'll get better at it in the future.
Thanks for checking it out!

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