Tuesday, May 8, 2012

LEGO CUUSOO: Firefly Serenity Playset Gets a "No" From LEGO

It happened again. LEGO gives a "No" to yet another CUUSOO project. Firefly Serenity Playset fans had only a few hours to rejoice before LEGO gave the official comment. 
I must say this is a disappointment for me. Even though I don't watch the Firefly TV show, I think this model had a lot of potential.
I guess there is really only one CUUSOO rule: If the idea behind the project is for kids, it's good!

Don't get me wrong. I'm sure LEGO had good reasons to do this, and I am very pleased that they are  keeping their targeted age away from mature and/or older child material. I'm just wondering how much more mature this could be then a Monster Fighters theme where people fight zombies and vampires.

Read the comment from LEGO by clicking below.

Congratulations on 10,000 supporters! Here is our decision on the IP’s fit with the LEGO brand.

First and foremost, huge congratulations to tbone_tbl for reaching 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO, and toward everyone for all of the support of the Firefly Serenity Playset project!

LEGO CUUSOO gives the opportunity for adult LEGO fans to submit product ideas. You submit some incredible things, and we’re huge fans of all of your work. This is a beautiful model and a skilled rendition of the beloved Serenity built with LEGO bricks.

When reviewing projects for production, the LEGO Jury first looks at how the concept fits the LEGO brand. We learned the IP was questionable regarding a brand fit, and since we anticipated this project reaching 10,000 the team got a head start and reviewed the project on these criteria.

LEGO produces toys for children. Therefore all LEGO products, regardless of age target, must be content-appropriate for this core audience. With this in mind we have decided that as cool as the Serenity model is, the Firefly TV show and Serenity film contain content that is not appropriate for our core target audience of children ages 6-11. While we know this news will disappoint those who supported the project, we will not be producing this as a LEGO product.

Opening ourselves to new product suggestions invites popular ideas that don’t always fit our brand. We are grateful for the spirit behind projects like the Firefly Serenity and for the opportunity to be challenged. It keeps us sharp and looking toward the future of the LEGO brick.



  1. I was not at all surprised that it didn't pass.
    I love the TV Show, but it does contain a healthy amount of sexual content, including one of the main characters being a prostitute.
    Not good for little kids at all :P

    1. Thanks Ru, I didn't know that. As I said, I don't watch it, and I don't know what it's about either. But that is definitely a good reason.

  2. There's a blog post up explaining Lego Cusoo's criteria, many of which are violated by other sets that have been or currently are produced by Lego (e.g., no death, killing, violence or torture, which are themes in Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Batman, and so on). It's worth reading the justification and thinking about how those criteria apply to current and past sets produced by Lego, as well as current and past projects approved via Cusoo.

    1. Yes, it is worth reading. I have seen it, but I believe it was written after this rejection.