Monday, April 30, 2012

LEGO Monster Fighters Box Art

Monster Fighters: The name runs a chill up everyone's spine. If I say Monster Fighters box art, that's a different story. But that's what we have today. 
Monster Fighters will be a great theme for LEGO. I can't wait till these hit the shelves so I can pick some up.
I'll just list the pictures with the set names under them. Nothing fancy today.
Click the link below.
The first set is 9468 Vampire Castle. Price is unknown.

 9467 Ghost Train.
9466 Mad Professor And His Monster.
 9464 Vampire Hearse.
9463 Werewolf.
 9462 Mummy.
 9461 Swamp Creature.


  1. Interesting... Though I like the castle, I agree with what you said earlier. I don't think this theme will do as well, and I don't like the spiritual and creepy stuff. :P That's just me.

  2. The theme looks like a good idea, but I would have handled some things differently. That's many times the case, though. :-P And, hey, the customer is always right. ;-)

    1. I agree. Some things in this theme are a little over the top.
      I think LEGO is beginning to start giving the customers more of what they want. Look at CUUSOO, a site where we (LEGO fans) can submit our own ideas for sets. It's incredible!
      Let's see what we get in the future.