Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Air Shark Gunship (By Andreas H.)

Andreas H. really brings it all when it comes to building Gunships. And this bad boy is no exception to it. Take special note on how the thing is weighted properly, and evenly. The cockpit is not one of those crammed in make ups that you usually get on sleek looking copter crafts. This cockpit can actually fit a Minifig and looks all of the better for it.
The Minifigs are another thing to note; it looks like he took some time on getting them suited up in some sweet gear. I mean what isn't to love with those sporty looking Minifig Cat helmets, gasmasks, and BrickArm sniper rifles? I am going to give this guy a good 7/10 for this MOC keep them coming Andreas, and we'll keep checking them out.
For further info on this Moc check out his Mocpages post, and his Flicker Post links given below.

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