Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Great CUUSOO Race: BTTF vs. EVE Rifter


CUUSOO has had a lot of buzz over the past few months. With the fourth project in the midst of development, they are gaining plenty of publicity. But now to the excitement.
The project Back To The Future(BTTF) - DeLorean Time Machine was created back in August of 2011 by member m. togami and has rapidly gained many supporters, a grand total of 9,034 to be exact. 
Seven months later, EVE Online Ships - Rifter, created by czar, started in furiously. It quickly gained hundreds of supporters and this very day passed BTTF with a total of 9,144.

And now the great CUUSOO race has begun. Supporters have been pouring in on these projects. Many people eagerly awaiting to see which one will reach 10,000 first. 
I expect to be posting on the success of at least one of these projects by the end of today or early tomorrow.

Of course you can go support these projects yourself by clicking on the links below.

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