Monday, June 11, 2012

LEGO Minifigures Series 8 Pirate Captain

As of now, a sneak peek of the upcoming series 8 Minifigure Pirate Captain is appearing on pretty much every LEGO news site. This series will be out in September. I wonder why LEGO has waited so long to release this series.
The picture looks like it is one of many, as you can see the beginning of another fig below. Is that a katana I see? it might be. Maybe a female ninja. That would be cool.
Is this color really gonna be green? I hope not. What happened to black?


  1. Not at all, it is black this is jutst a picture from Lego Magazine and they're just announcing their news. Under Pirate Captain you'd see a ninjago news.

  2. yeah jody's right its jus the lego club mag

  3. I am very curious what it will be.
    Hope they will add it to the site too. Probably i can swap my serie 7 for serie 8ths