Tuesday, January 15, 2013

War Machine Minifigure Revealed?

 I had refrained from posting this earlier because of it possibly being a fake, but because so many other sites have been accepting it as fact, and because I can't bear not to speculate, I have decided to post it here. If it's fake, we shall be laughed at together.
This War Machine minifigure from Iron Man 2 was listed late last week on Ebay. How the seller got this figure we shall never know. LEGO does seem to have a problem with Ebay sellers listing figs months before the release date.

If these are real, it means we will be receiving Iron Man 2 sets as well as Iron Man 3 sets. Because, as most of us know, this suit (with this paint job) has so far only been seen in Iron Man 2. In Iron Man 3 it gets a stars and stripes paint job by the US Military.
An Expo fight scene set would be great. With Iron Man, several rogue machines, and War Machine. Wouldn't a chain-gun look great mounted on the shoulder of this thing?

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