Monday, January 28, 2013

Cobblecrock Cottage & Haldur's Crypt by Luke Watkins

Luke Watkins (Derfel Cadarn) has built two gorgeous Medieval MOCs to start off 2013. The two are part of a story which he will be continuing throughout the year.
First, the larger of the two models, is Cobblecrock Cottage. The stone base is crumbly and crooked, and the wooden frames in the walls look like they've been around for many a year. The upper part of the house is a ramshackle mess. I love the shading on the walls. How painstaking that must have been to create. 
Next to the cottage lies a lovely little well, and a bizarre tree. Luke Watkins is the master of fantasy!

His second MOC may be smaller, but it certainly packs just as big of a punch. I honestly can't say what is my favorite part. The only way to truly enjoy this brilliance is by clicking the links below. Only then do you realize the crazy wall on this place, and the stunning landscaping.

See Cobblecrock Cottage on Mocpages.
See Haldur's Crypt on Mocpages.

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