Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Favorite Team GB Collectible Minifigure Poll Closed/New Poll

A little over a month ago, one of the largest Olympic Games EVER took place in London. To celebrate those games, the poll for the month of August was for the Favorite Team GB Collectible Minifigure. Unfortunately, after the London hype wore off, many of us were wondering why I didn't have that poll in September. The answer is: I have no idea!
And the winner for the BrickEnd August 2012 Poll is... THE BRAWNY BOXER!
Hooray for the Boxer! He put up a good fight against his Team GB partners and emerged victorious! 
Well that was fun. But what's next?

The poll for the month of September will be for your Favorite Licensed Theme! You must have a favorite. Everybody does.
This could be an extremely close race. There are so many good themes! But only one will have the power to win (or the fan base).

Vote for your favorite!

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