Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer #2

It's rare that I post anything on here that doesn't have to do with LEGO. And why not? This is a LEGO website.
But ever since the announcement about The Lord of the Rings LEGO sets, The Hobbit has had a lot to do with LEGO. So technically, this trailer does have a connection with this site. And with all the LEGO set speculation released with this trailer, I'm sure nobody will object with me posting this.

Aside from that rambling, Warner Brothers has just released the new trailer for the epic first film in The Hobbit trilogy. And this trailer surpasses the first in just about every way! Click play and you'll see why!
*WARNING* This trailer is rated PG. While it's no more scary than The Lord of the Rings (which I'm sure 99% of you have seen a billion times) if you are a young child reading this, play it safe and go ask your parents if you can watch it.
Otherwise, enjoy!

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