Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Poll Closed/New Poll

July has ended. And what a month it was. While not many votes were placed, the votes that were placed were counted and set down, and now I present the final of the July poll.

And the winner(s)/loser(s) of the July poll for Favorite and least Favorite LEGO Theme Ever is...
The Lord of the Rings tied with Medieval. Not much of a surprise here. These are great themes, and castle sets have been very popular among everyone.
And for the worst LEGO theme ever... My Little Pony. Where did that come from? Has MLP become a theme without me knowing? Nope. Other than MLP, there was a tie between Spongebob Squarepants and Monster Fighters.

Thanks for voting in this July poll. But today is August first. And the new poll for August, to celebrate the Olympic Games, is the Favorite Team GB Collectible Minifigure.
This should be fun. After staying up watching the Games for the last few days, I (and most other people) are in an Olympic mood.
Vote for your favorite!

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