Saturday, August 18, 2012

LEGO CUUSOO: Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Breaks 10,000 Supporters

This project was barely even known of until a couple of weeks ago. It's been on the CUUSOO website for over 8 months and has attracted little attention until someone sent out a plea on Reddit for everyone to support it. It then got over 3,000 supporters in 24 hours. That plea did the job for this project though,
as it recently passed the 10,000 mark.
Don't think I don't like it. I do! And these are some of the reasons:
This is probably the only project that has passed the 10,000 mark that could be made into a LEGO set immediately without any changes. It's that LEGO-ish! Some models need to be scaled down, some need to be scaled up, but this one is pretty much exactly what you will see in stores. That is, if it passes the review...

Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover on LEGO CUUSOO.

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