Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Power of Freedom Iraq by Mike Doyle

I'm not entirely sure on the backstory here, but this beautiful MOC by Mike Doyle, the creator of freaky/beautiful houses, has made something too beautiful to leave un-blogged. How many times can one say beautiful? As many times as is needed when it comes to beautiful MOCs.

See the beautifulness on Mocpages.


  1. Hello! This is Caleb Robinson from Renagrade productions, I would like to know if you need any more authors. I would be happy to write for you, obviously free. All I would ask would be that I could every once and a while blog about something of my own. Thank you, please email me at

  2. Caleb, thank you for asking about this. If you have any personal comments for me, please contact me by clicking the page above.