Friday, November 1, 2013

CMF Series 12 Revealed

November kicks off with a new Collectible Minfigure Series being revealed over on Brickfanatics. This series is supposedly composed of characters from The LEGO Movie. If that's true, then this movie will  be hilarious. Can anybody explain the three robot figs? Apart from being too similar for a single series, they look like zombies!

The lineup:
William Shakespeare
Gail the Construction Worker
Panda Guy
Abraham Lincoln
Taco Tuesday Guy
Larry the Barista
President Business
Calamity Drone
Marsha Queen of the Mermaids
Wild West Wyldstyle
Scribbe-Face Bad Cop
Velma Staplebot
Hard Hat Emmet
"Where are my Pants?" Guy
Mrs. Scratchen- Post
Wiley Fusebot

I'm having a hard time putting names with faces on some of these characters. But they certainly look good. I'm in love with Panda and Shakespeare.

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