Thursday, November 21, 2013

2014 LEGO DK Books Announced

Dorling Kindersley has a whole new wave of LEGO books headed our way next year. While most are nothing more than story books, sticker books, and the odd Brickmaster, there are a few that stand out from the crowd. These being a new Star Wars Visual Dictionary, Friends Character Encyclopedia, and Legends of Chima: The Secret History.
The first Star Wars dictionary came out in 2009, so this should be a great collectors book. What with nearly 5 years of sets added.
The Friends Character Encyclopedia on the other hand, sounds like a flop. A) I don't think there are enough characters to make the theme worthy of an encyclopedia. And B) I don't really think that many people would be interested in owning one. Except for the exclusive figure. I have nothing against Friends, it just seems a little early for a character encyclopedia. Then again, there are at least 4 different versions of each girl.
As for the LoC book, I can only guess as to what it might be. Could be a dictionary of some sort.

You can see more in Penguin books' catalog.

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