Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Series 10 Minifigures Revealed

To top off a pretty boring month (as far as LEGO news goes), Argos has posted a picture of the new Series 10 Collectible Minifigures. Bursting with new pieces and with insane amounts of detail, I'm very surprised LEGO can still deliver so strongly after so many previous minifigures.
The lineup includes:

  • Sea Captain
  • Sad Clown
  • Librarian
  • Grandpa
  • Bumblebee Girl
  • Roman Commander
  • Warrior Woman
  • Decorator
  • Tomahawk Warrior
  • Trendsetter
  • Baseball Fielder
  • Revolution Soldier
  • Motorcycle Mechanic
  • Medusa
  • Skydiver
  • Paintball Player
  • Special Gold Minifigure

What a fantastic wave. My favorites are Warrior Woman, Roman Commander, Tomahawk Warrior, and Grandpa. Yes, Grandpa. I've been waiting for actual bald minifigures for a long time. LEGO, YOU ROCK!
And yes, there will be a 17th minifigure. 4,000 (I believe) exclusive gold minifigures will be sorted out into random boxes. Have fun searching for those!
What are your thoughts on Series 10?

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