Friday, February 1, 2013

Favorite LEGO Action/Adventure Theme Poll Closed

The results are in for the first poll of 2013. A bunch of you made a choice from 14 Action/Adventure themes. Only one theme didn't get a vote. I guess Alpha Team wasn't very good anyway.
With Dino Attack ahead for nearly the whole month, it was a bit surprising to see Ninjago come from behind in the last few days. So the winner of the January 2013 BrickEnd Poll is... Dino Attack and Ninjago!
These two themes were tied for votes at the end of the month. Not the way any dino or ninja wanted it to end.

And that brings us to February. A month of hearts, cards, and chocolates. Or at least it used to be that.
We'll be starting off the month with a brand new poll. I'll leave you to decide if it goes with Valentines or not.
The February 2013 poll is... Favorite The Lone Ranger Set!
Ok, maybe not hearts and flowers, but whenever I see one of those trailers, I get pretty excited. You'll have six sets to choose from. Not as many as last month, but definitely easier on the voter.
You can view the sets here.

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