Tuesday, December 10, 2013

LEGO Architecture Marine Bay Sands Available in Select Countries

The newest LEGO Architecture set comes completely out of nowhere. At least for me anyways. I guess there was a little image leaked of this set in October, but I never saw it. That's what I get for not having any interest in this theme.
The Marine Bay Sands is an Integrated Resort on Marine Bay in Singapore (thank you, Wikipedia). Basically it's a really expensive building that looks really cool. And LEGO decided to make a set out of it. This should be good for those of you that like the trans-blue tiles.

21021 Marine Bay Sands. 602 pieces.

As far as I know, this set isn't available in the US. But it is available in Korea. So if you live in Korea, you can buy it here.

Thanks to Brickset for the info!

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