Friday, July 19, 2013

LEGO The Hobbit Laketown Chase Revealed at SDCC

Comic Con is back again (I feel like it just ended) and LEGO has revealed the latest set in The Hobbit line: Laketown Chase. 334 pcs. 5 minifigures. $49.99.
I'm gonna be honest, I'm very disappointed in this set. LEGO had a chance to build some spectacular buildings and they threw it away. And they placea ridiculous price tag on the set to make it all the more painful.
The only reason I would even consider getting this set is for the minifigures. They appear to be Bilbo, Thorin, Bard, the Master of Laketown, and a Laketown Guard. But there's no way I'm gonna dish out $50 for a couple of minifigures.
I'm sorry LEGO, you make great sets, but in my opinion you really struck out on this one.

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